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Product Description

Nevotek is pleased to introduce a new voice activated personal assistant to allow guests (and patients) to access and use services just by speaking with Alexa.

NevoAssist is a new add-on feature to NevoTV application to assist and respond to voice commands.

NevoAssist is there, whenever it is needed. It can listen and help with in so many ways through the voice commands.

Besides Amazon Alexa’s great skills such as reading news, checking weather, and even playing “that popular” song, Alexa can do many more when integrated with NevoTV and Nevotek Solutions Suite.

Product Solutions

• Select your favorite TV channels without using TV remote, just say “Tune CNN”, and let channel to start on your room TV.

• ITurn your TV power ON and OFF or MUTE

• Ask housekeeping to bring you an extra pillow, no need to make a phone call anymore, just say “Get me a pillow” and let NevoAssist to inform housekeeping about your request. For anything you need to ask housekeeping, you can ask it to your personal NevoAssist.

• NevoAssist can take your orders with all details like a real coffee tender, like “How do you like your coffee, black or with milk and how many sugar?”

• NevoAssist can help you with directions as well, if you need guidance to go to SPA, simply ask her “How to get to SPA.”

• NevoAssist can control room environment such as lights, air conditioner, curtains, and so on just say “Set temperature to 25”

• There is no limit how NevoAssist can help. You can even ask her the question “What you are capable of” and learn what else NevoAssist can do for you.


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