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Product Description

Nevotek is pleased to introduce the new casting solution NevoCAST to enhance your guests’ experience by integrating with the NevoTV solution and the new NevoCAST.

NevoCAST enables your guests’ to enjoy their personal content on their room TVs (instead of a small screen personal device). Guests will now be able to watch their own photos and videos on their hotel room TVs.

Besides their personal multimedia material, the guests can also enjoy the content provided by Netflix, YouTube, Spotify and many other popular applications.

NevoCAST starts to work as simple as scanning a QR code on TV screen. Then, it is ready to cast!.

With NevoCAST, each hotel room will have a designated private network so the guests can cast only to their own room TV without wondering about their privacy and without disturbing -or being disturbed- by other guests.




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