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Product Description

Building management just got smarter and easier. In today's fast-paced, ever-changing world, it's important to satisfy everyone's needs and demands-tenants, owners, and operations personnel. Nevotek IPTComfort makes it economical to offer new services that address everyone's requirements.

IPTComfort integrates building management, back office, and communications systems over a single IP network. It provides centralized management of lighting, wiring, HVAC, building access, TV and video cameras, and any other devices that can be added to your building management solution.

Tenants, guests, facilities management personnel, and owners will appreciate the services made available through IPTComfort. Improve the quality of conferences with meeting rooms that have automated lights, temperature controls, curtains, and audiovisual equipment. Accommodate flexible working hours and enhance safety and security by letting employees remotely unlock gates and turn on garage lights when they work at night. And, strategically placed sensors throughout the building identify potential hazards-like leaky pipes, smoke and fire, or break-ins-before they become disasters.

IPTComfort combines hardware and software into a flexible, highly efficient solution that runs on a standard IP server. The hardware connects to circuit breakers and resides in a compact, easy-to-access control panel that interfaces with your current building management system network. Through our software-based approach, we transform hard-wired facility management systems into a programmable solution that's easy to use and easy to customize. The software works the way you do-on site or remotely-and can be accessed with browsers, IP phones, or mobile devices.

Reduce operating expenses and capital investments by making your existing system better. With IPTComfort, you can streamline building management processes to save time, money, and resources and offer personalized services for end users.

Product Solutions

• Conserve energy by regulating lights and HVAC and by automating window blinds and shutters to keep buildings cool during hot spells

• Allocate tenant energy billing based on daily or monthly consumption

• Reconfigure and adapt existing wiring systems for multiple uses, so there's no need to change or upgrade facilities when tenants request new capabilities

• Store user preferences in a database that you can access any time

• Minimize management and reduce energy costs with automated, centralized control

• Generate additional revenue by running ads on large-screen TVs, kiosks, or displays in lobbies

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