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Product Description

Solutions has been a primary choice for many leading cruise liners and for heavy duty work vessels with its proven quality and robustness under extreme sea and weather conditions. Luxury Cruise Liners, Deep-water Construction Vessels (DCV), Crane-Ships, Sea-platforms and High-end Yachts are using Nevotek’s solutions

Seamless Integration of data, media, voice and devices with unified communications, IPTV and PMS systems to act as one to access and use various info-tainment and comfort control services for passengers and enhanced management and monitoring capabilities for the System Managers

Services are accessible over the mobile and voice activated devices, TV sets, IP Phones, Tablets and Smart Phones over a customizable, easy-to-use menu options providing an unparalleled user experience

Product Solutions

• NevoTV & VoD Informative and entertainment videos can train the passengers and the crew.

• Captain’s Announcement Emergency System integrations allow communicating messages by adjusting TV volume, displaying corresponding texts / pictures on TV screens (according to message type being broadcasted and also by their physical locations).

• Passengers (and the crew) can navigate screen menus to select and watch their favorite videos and TV channels, order the cabin services, set reminder / wakeup calls access useful information and the news, ...

• NevoCasting to watch personal media on TVs also enabling to watch popular apps like You Tube, Netfilix, …

• NevoAssist Voice Activated Services can be utilized for ordering food or restaurant reservations (just ask her what else she can do for you)

• Unilink High Speed Internet Access Control, Authentications and Billing

• Supersign Digital Signage solution for the common areas and for the conference rooms

• NevoComfort Management by monitoring environment variables like (heat, humidity, water leak, vibration, air quality, ambient light, UV, one touch mood setting, ...

• Fire Patrol management services -for the large cruise vessels to make sure security guards are going to the control stations by following specific routes and performing timely inspections

• System Administrators can control all TVs centrally to Turn ON/OFF, MUTE, adjust volume, manage welcome screens, ...


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