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Product Description

Simplify billing for single tenant and multi-tenant use of Cisco® Systems Call Manager IP-PBX cluster with Nevotek Sigma-5 Billing System. It's a perfect fit for building managers and owners who are looking to streamline accounting and billing of telephony usage. Because it's based on IP-technology and takes advantage of the Cisco IP Phone infrastructure, ?-5 offers a wealth of services while it reduces operational expenses.

Sigma-5 is suitable for businesses of all sizes-from small, single-tenant buildings to large enterprises. After Sigma-5 logs and records calls, it conveniently exports files for processing into spreadsheets or graphics tools. The end result is consolidated billing information for each tenant, internal and external volume billing, and trend analysis reports. It's a breeze to administer with a web-based browser. And, automatic backup and recovery provide an extra measure of confidence.

The system runs on either a Cisco MCS server or a Microsoft® Windows® 2003 server platform from any leading vendor. It's easy to deploy either as an enterprise standalone system or as a multi-tenant system on a single Cisco Call Manager cluster with several IP telephony partitions.

Product Solutions

• Obtain reports supporting multiple tariffs of various telecommunications carriers to determine which routing services are most cost effective

• Get highly accurate data collection with automatic or manual polling, backup options for raw and processed data, and alerts if there is no data for a period or time and when communication fails

• Customize for tenants and end users and scale up as needed when needed

• Process telephony data from an unlimited number of departments within an organization

• Manage centrally from your browser

• Support a single-tenant or multi-tenant corporate environment

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