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Product Description
Supersign Enterprise Digital Signage is a specialized software that allows administrators to easily create and manage content.

Supersign Enterprise typically consists of three modules: a designer, a content manager, and a media player.

Designer allows an administrator to create a template for the company network. This can be a blank template in which to place information, or it can consist of multiple frames so different gadgets can have a specific area for its news, which can be updated in real-time. Once information is entered, the content management software takes over.

Content Manager is a web-based application that schedules and manages the multimedia content submitted by administrators. It is the brain of a digital signage network. It can manage digital signs on a network, and the software supports plan-based content distribution, timetables, playlists and templates created with the Designer. Then, Content Manager communicates with players to run what the will be seen on digital signs. The players run continuously and update the content on digital signage displays based on the text graphic, sound and video transmitted by content manager.

Product Solutions

• Playback
Supersign Enterprise Player provides content publishing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

• Reporting Agent for Billing
Supersign Enterprise Player communicates with Content Manager and logs events for ad billing or other reporting.

• Reporting Agent for STB Status
Supersign Enterprise Player checks status of STBs and alert if any malfunction occurs.

• Off-network content playing capacity
As default, Supersign Enterprise Player displays uploaded content.

• Updating
When you make changes to your content, Supersign Enterprise Player will download new content in a short time without interrupting current displayed content.

• Resolution
Supersign Enterprise Player supports 1920X1080 Resolution full HD displays.

• Online content support for TV channels
Streaming content from Video on Demand.
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